I am a vegan wife and mother to a meat eating family. I will share with you recipes I have tested and changes I am making to encourage my family to lean into a vegan diet.

The Farmer’s Market

Each year I get so excited about the return of the farmer’s market.  It’s a sure sign that spring is here!

Our local farmer’s market is open and I am so excited.  My husband couldn’t quite figure out why I was so looking forward to going.  I love seeing all the people roaming around.  I loaded up the kids and my daughter’s friend and off we went.  My son was hoping to get a raw brownie, which he had last season, but at $12 per brownie I told him “not today dear!”  (I need to find a good recipe.)

It won’t be long before the tomatoes and squash are ready.  Each week now, I look forward to seeing which veggies get added to the market.

Time to break out the cookbooks and look for new recipes to try!

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