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A Kind Tulsan

My 6-year-old son was needing some new athletic shoes, so I took him Sunday and bought him a great pair of Nike’s.

He was so happy (it’s funny how new shoes make people of all ages a little happier.)  Sunday evening when he was wearing them around the house I noticed that he was limping.  I asked him why and he said his ankle was hurting.  His shoe was rubbing against that little bone on the outside of your ankle, (I’m not sure what it’s called.)  So, I planed to go on Monday after school to Trippets, a great little Tulsa shoe store and buy him a new pair.

While we were in the store, the nicest gentleman helped us.  He was somewhat older and had the best sense of humor.  It was obvious that he loved his job.  So, as I was looking around I told him about the shoes that hurt my son’s feet.  He went to the back and came back with a small heel shaped pad.  He said that sometimes you can put these under the shoe insert at the heel and it will slightly lift the heel which alleviates the pressure on the ankle bone.

Brilliant!  I had never heard of such a thing.  I told him that I had the Nike shoes in my car because I was planning to return them and he asked me to bring them in.


He put in the insert, put the shoes on my son and voila!  Happy kid.  Happy mom.

I thought it was so nice of this man to help us out.  He wouldn’t even charge me for the inserts.  I wish I knew his name. 

Before leaving my daughter scored a new pair of sandals and I left feeling like I will now be a loyal shopper at Trippets.

The people here are another reason why…

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